Monday, October 03, 2005

OK Guys!

You've been asking for it, so here it is. Our Prepped Luxury Shaving Oil is finally available.

This is a 100% natural concentrated oil that includes grapeseed, olive, meadowfoam, and cranberry. It is the first step to the ultimate close shave. A dual-purpose oil, it is perfect for conditioning and moisturizing your face to prepare and soften your beard for comfortable shaving. It also provides superior glide while reducing nicks and razor burns so it may be used in place of your regular gel or foam. Skin will feel smooth, soft, and conditioned. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, tough beards, or those prone to ingrown hairs. And ladies, you will love it too!

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Some special Notes:
~Our fall soaps are almost ready. We've brought back your favorites and will be introducing some new ones as well.
~You may notice some packaging changes for a couple of our men's products. We just were not satisfied with the performance of the containers for our men's facial scrub and mask so we changed to more user-friendly packaging. And bonus, the facial mask is now a larger size at the same price!

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