Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy 2007!

Yes, we know we're a little late, but the sentiment is still heartfelt. And thank you to all of you who emailed wondering if we fell of the face of the planet. Not quite - though it did take us a while to work out from under all the orders placed during our hiatus. Some of you were very busy little shoppers!

So, many of you have asked what is going to be new in the garden for 2007. Well... quite a bit actually. You may notice we have a fabulous sale going on now. If you haven't, you just have to pop on over to our sales page to check it out. We also have some of our more popular items on sale sprinkled throughout the site.

Sadly, we are retiring several items, but we just have to make room for new things, and there's only so much space in the garden. You can pick up some great deals while supplies last.

OK, so out with the old, in with the new. You've probably noticed a few changes on the website itself. We've reorganized a bit to make it easier for you to find your favorite items and reduce the scroll time on some of the larger categories. You now have the option to shop by collection or product. We think you'll like the new arrangement.

So, what's new? Soap, of course. We'll announce all the varieties later. But for now we want to share with you one of the new things we are most excited about. And that is the changes we are making to our baby line. In the coming weeks we will be completely overhauling this line, adding new products, reformulating to include more organics, and reintroducing the products as two separate lines - Little Buds BabyCare and Garden Bugz KidCare. The prototype packaging is sitting here on my desk as I type and I must say, they look just amazing!

Other new things... Perfume! Yes, after months and months of hounding by many of you to make your favorite FP fragrances available as perfume, we *think* we have finally found a formula we are happy with. We hope to launch this line in early spring. AND it will be just in time to star three new exclusive fragrances we have been working on. They are marvelous!

Hmm, what else? You'll notice some packaging changes for a few items, but they are all in the name of improvement. We're working on a couple top secret haircare items but we can't tell you about those just yet. There are a couple new gifts sets, a scrub or two, some nifty new features for our facial care line, oh, and a really awesome new array of sampler sets.

Well my lovely little garden peeps, that's all for now. Make sure you're signed up for our newsletter so you can get advance notice of when all our new yum yums have sprouted. Stay warm!

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